Can’t You Just Leave a Blog Alone?

Nothing annoys me more than a back seat driver, a Monday morning quarterback, or a boss or peer who constantly wants to be the editor to your blog post. Yes I know that in today’s technically driven marketing world, blogs have become places to generate revenue for companies, express brand identity, elicit feedback, or offer resources and support that invoke customer loyalty. However, the motive behind blogs has become too transparent to many readers. We all have been to a blog that has so many key words and links seeded throughout that you can just see the page hits tallying up before you very eyes. But there is a point at which  having no genuine qualities to your blog can actually hurt your brand.

Blog Fight

There is a reason people DVR their favorite shows and fast forward through commercials and straight through brand messaging.  The same thing is going to happen if your blog is just one big advertisement for your company or every post is just to gain traffic. A friend of mine, Alex Williams, recently gave me this advice. “Only write about things you have real opinions on, not just to get traffic” and I think this is great advice. People will see right through you posts  if you are pretending. Your blog will start to work against you and it will fight back.  So blog what you know, what feels comfortable and what is honest and never let anyone tell you what to blog. Ideas and thoughts will come more organically and your posts will become inherently more interesting and the right traffic will soon follow.

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