#happymothersdayI was up at 5:00 am PST and already Twitter and Facebook were lighting up with Happy Mother’s Day wishes.  Social media has allowed us to express our Hallmark moments in brief snippets that we hope the intended person sees, but also to be honest aren’t we hoping that other people see them too? I mean we want our friends and family to know that we are caring people that remember our mothers on mother’s day don’t we? We want it on the record. Why else do we tell friends, that we haven’t talked to in years, on forums like Facebook Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and Happy (insert life event here)? We we don’t want to be that one selfish uncaring friend that forgets publicly do we?

Social Media is more convenient. You don’t have to go to a store, search through picked over cards, actually buy a stamp and send it through snail mail. Or heck even dial a 10 digit number on a phone. Whew! That is quit the effort isn’t it?  I mean we are a nation of efficiency so why would we even think about using archaic means of communication?

I myself even reached out to my mom and mother friends via social media and mobile texts to wish them a Happy Mother’s day. Sure it was easy and I could have just gone about my day. But for some reason I just didn’t feel like it was enough, I still had to call my Mom. I wanted to hear her voice. She just turned  71 on Friday and I am acutely aware that she is in the sunset of her life. Granted if you knew her you would think she is just starting her sunrise with her endless energy, humble wit, and enthusiasm for life.  But I think about her each day and how far away she is in Michigan and how I won’t have her forever. I am jealous of my sisters that get to spend each and every day with her. My nieces and nephews know Grandma Go Go (their loving nickname for a woman who never stops going) as their best friend. My kids do not. Sure, I see her on Facebook or could talk to her over Skype if she ever figured out how to use it,  but it is still not enough for the woman who raised me, taught me to be tolerant, encouraged me to get an education, and taught me how to always love.

It is undeniable that the social media space has become a tremendous tool for us to stay connected with loved ones, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. It is also a great place to find lost friends and misplaced things, but it still does not replace the need for me to hear my Mom’s voice on Mother’s Day. I for one am grateful that I still have the ability to do both.

As I read through the tweets and posts by friends, I could not help wondering if they had called their mothers too?  Will they? I think they should! Let’s hope they do.


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