My Mood: Not So Bored

Mood Board

Over the years I have seen a lot of mood boards but I have never gotten the chance to make one for myself. I have always used the free templates for my blogs and never invested the time into actually flushing out a design for a site that would be for me. When my brother-in-law and my designer (whom I am going to owe lifelong favors) asked me about the concept I envisioned behind Appatomy, I fumbled. I was all over the place. What was I trying to do? What was I trying to portray?  It started as a site for fun and education where I thought I would talk all about mobile and desktop applications that I use as a mom, but I quickly realized that I didn’t want to be a mommy blogger. I didn’t want to talk about the inter workings of apps. I want to write about the things I know, about social media, and those that I am learning from. I just want this to be me. Easier said then done. If I were a five part person I would say I was 1 part tech nerd, two parts girly, 1 part tomboy, and 1 part crazy. So like my personality Appatomy is a bit all over the place.

This site in essence is branding myself, marketing myself, it is my voice. Something I never had to do. I have always worked behind the veil of my various employer’s brand and voice. What I am finding is that it is a whole lot easier to come up with a brand strategy or a marketing concept and implement those for someone else. Doing it for yourself is entirely more frustrating although it is also entirely more fun. You think so much more about each detail of your personality while trying to distill all those facets down to a concept, a simple theme, that can be applied to your site. Not an easy feat.  I mean really looking at yourself and saying this is me and this is how I want the world of social media to view me can be tough.

So tonight I was bored and set out to make my mood board for my site.  Something that I thought would only take an hour took me all night. I went to various sites to find my style. I started with technical blogs and websites that I like to read then on to Stumble Upon to find more but I quickly found myself drawn to e-commerce sites like Etsy and Anthropologie and craft sites like Craft Gawker. I tried to fight my urge to go where I was comfortable and girly, I tried to fight who I was and to show more of my nerdy side and tomboy side. In the end I came to realize that I drawn to those things because they are me, a big part of me and that is ok.  So instead of trying to make a mood board of what I thought I should be, I made one with all the pretty ugly things I love. In the end I was much happier with the results. I am just curious to see what my bro-in-law can make out of my chaos.

After this exercise, I think for the very first time I fully understand how difficult this process is for clients and why they take their sweet time.  Behind the scenes there is always a chance we as marketers, designers and project managers will lose patience with clients. We will become frustrated while we wait for them to select that perfect color of green for a button, send forty versions of the images they want on their site,  listen to their countless bad ideas for company names and marketing concepts and  explaining to them that social media is more than just a Facebook page.  But I get it now.  It is not easy to distill your personality or your company down to just a theme. A single concept that will be floated out into the world of social media to live on forever. You fight your urge to be you, but in the end you have to be you or people will see right through it.  It’s a commitment, and just like any relationship it takes time to commit.

Hello my name is Appatomy, I am a client and I have been me for 3 hours.


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