Put a Bird On it

Put A Bird On ItFor months now, just like the majority of the 50,000+ reviewers on the Apple App store, Angry Birds has been hands down my favorite game on my iPhone.  I love that they are constantly updating it with additional levels and coming out with holiday themed versions. I even love going back to play levels that I have already played several times over.  It has probably been the most entertaining 99 cents I have ever spent. Giving such great content and these “freebies” keeps me coming back often. That is much more than I can say for the countless apps I have installed on my phone that I have simply become bored with.

Now the latest craze is Tiny Wings, by Andres Illiger. It currently sits at number 4 on the app store for Top Paid Apps. A friend recommended it to me over lunch last week so of course I downloaded it right away. Totally adorable interface, great ambiance music, quite simple to play, and great cross generational and gender appeal.  In fact, I played it for a two whole seconds before my 3 year old grabbed the phone out of my hand and quickly surpassed me in experience and skill.

As I mentioned the content is what keeps me coming back to Angry Birds. I mean would you come back to this blog or countless others if the content was never updated, or only updated once a month? No, you want fresh data daily, it is what we have come to expect. I am curious to see if Tiny Wings can match Angry Bird’s longevity. I wonder what kind of incentives for loyalty they will offer to get me to keep launching that bird from island to island.

I have downloaded countless Apps since I purchased my phone two years ago. My 3 year old is the main gamer on my phone and with that comes some hazards. He is constantly moving my apps around to different screens, occasionally sending out texts, purchasing an additional app, or has even deleted some. Actually, I have come to measure the importance of an app to me based on whether or not I notice it has been deleted.

That got me thinking about why I notice. I have worked on a number of e-commerce sites in my career and success often comes down to price and great offers which in turn breeds customer loyalty. The same methodology should apply when creating a mobile app that you want to succeed and last. Don’t make an app just to make one sale, make one that will make a lifetime customer. Whether it is a future upgrade to your app or a new game you develop down the road. Think about the happiness of your customers, provide great content and incentives and they will flock to you just like a bunch of tiny-winged angry birds.


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