Social Media Badges the new “I Voted” Sticker?

Social Media Voting Badge
The election is coming up and it is coming up fast. You can already see candidates scrambling to wage the new social media political war that was orchestrated so effectively by Barack Obama. But is it the right war? Is it a level playing field for both parties?

It is yet to be determined all the ways social media will play into this election, but as Mashable points out look for location services to play a huge part.  People want to brag about where they have been and they want to encourage their friends to follow. So look for candidates to set up rewards or badges ala Foursquare for not only voting but volunteerism.

The youth vote has always been a huge target and no doubt location services will be targeted heavily towards them.  But isn’t the youth vote generally more liberal? Another group that uses location service based apps  is the well educated, the technically savvy, or as Obama’s opposition refers to them as the elitists. Now is that really the Tea Party’s base?

I am not saying Middle America is not enamored with social media or educated. I originally came from the mid-west and I am educated and love social media but lets face it, the higher concentration of users is in major cities and those populations tend to historically vote liberal. Rural America is also not the typical purchasers of advanced smart phones, but they do typically vote conservatively.  So, is it a waste of the oppositions efforts to focus so hard on Social Media?  Will their base get it? Will it be above their heads or out of their comfort zone? I think so, but I guess we will find out in 2012.

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