Love at First Click?

Love at first Lilac

So many people wonder if there is really is such a thing as love as first sight. I for one completely believe there is. I fell in love with my high school boyfriend that way. Sadly or not our young love wasn’t meant to be, but it was one of the great relationships of my life. The kind where you learn and grow so much through the process of being in love and suddenly finding out the other person no longer is. You pick yourself up, say there are many fish in the sea and move on. Sure years later there are hardened memories of those times, but after a while they don’t sting as much and you start look back at them more fondly as growing pains and life experiences than as the day your heart broke in two.

Another first love at sight experience I had was the day each of my two children were born. All wrinkly and pink, I looked into their barely open eyes and it was as if we were transplanted back in time when I too was a child, where nothing was stressful, and I was free to roam barefoot in the grassy hills by my parents house and capture monarch caterpillars. It was then that I knew I was going to love those two human beings for eternity and their love would always give me the feeling of fresh cut grass, lilacs and freshly rained on soil.

But what will it be like for them? Will they get to truly experience love at first sight? Online communication keeps morphing at a rapid rate, whether it is sharing blog posts, photos, or social media updates, people are pouring their souls out online. They say and share things that they would never share in the most intimate of in-person conversations. Some show their true being and some show a manufactured or polished being.  It makes me wonder if the world will evolve into a place where before you even think about going on a date, employing someone, or even to a business meeting you scour the internet for dirty details or admirable details about another human being. Let’s be honest it already has.

I just hope people take the online world with some sort of grain of salt and it doesn’t become love at first click where opinions and minds are made up before you even meet someone in person. I for one can tell you that there is nothing like that feeling of looking into another persons eyes, whether it be a lover, your child or a new friend, and smelling lilacs.

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