Much Needed Reminder

Love Notes

This has nothing to do with social media or apps and normally, as a rule, I don’t post much about my Husband…you know because blog posts about Husbands can do wonders for your marriage, NOT.  But as I continued my Spring, I mean Summer, cleaning today I came across the note above in my cherished and much read copy of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest.  I don’t remember this note, nor do I remember saving it. But from the content and where it resided I know that it is from 2000 while we were just dating and while I still had an apartment of my own in Michigan. Perhaps my then self knew my future self might need a friendly reminder one day?

This was long before a dog, a marriage, two shared apartments, two houses, job changes, two cross country moves and certainly long before kids.  Long before the the back and forth bitter biting snaps of “You didn’t take the garbage out, “You forgot to roll up the windows in the car, Don’t throw your keys on the floor, Did you make that appointment, of course you forgot, you left your plate in the sink AGAIN, Did you feed the dog, your not listening to me, I don’t want to listen to you” and so on. All relationships get to that point, not just marriages, but friendships and work relationships too. We sometimes get so caught up in life and the stresses of it that we simply forgot to be kind to one another and we certainly often forget that life is really really short. So leave a note, send a tweet or an email to the ones you care about and in the advice of my apparently wise Husband “Live IT, Like IT, Might Be Your Last”

P.S. I figured it was pretty safe to share this personal note as it is 11 years old, it makes him look good, and he rarely reads my blog.

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