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PC Hell

Sorry Appatomy has been sparse the last week. My MacBook track pad decided to break late last week and she is in the hospital for some repairs. It is my fault. I let my three year old bang away on that thing and it just finally went. Meanwhile I am in hell. PC and IE 8 Hell.  Lucky for me I did just get a new iPAD for my birthday and I have my iPhone, but neither is particularily great for writing long blog posts. Sure I can do it, but man with two kids I just don’t have that kind of time.  

When she broke I thought no problem, I have an old Dell PC  I can dust off. So, I pulled it out from the bottom of our storage closest and fired that sucker up. It is over 7 years old, completely antiquated and as if it is trying to give me pennance for burying it in the depths of our closet under snowshoes, sleeping bags, and baby gear, it refuses to connect to my WiFi.  The last time I used it, I had a Linksys modem.  Now I have the Mac Airport Extreme and no matter what I do, how many times I try to delete the wireless network and set up a new one, it just won’t see the damn thing.  Of course every other device in our home has absolutely no problem seeing the network. I swear it is the Devil.

So, on to back up plan three, use my hubands computer.  Even worse.  Hell I tell you, I am in Hell. His company is really strict about allowing the installation of unathorized apps. No G-talk, no Chrome, not even Firefox and no Tweetdeck. Of course all of this coincides with the day of the WWDC Conference.  I would fricking die if that was my world.  Not only am I stuck on  a PC, but I am stuck in this horrible browser, IE 8,  with no photo editing or social meadia tools. Everything is taking me ten times longer to do.  I am not sure what is worse, typing really slowly on my iPAD or being stuck on this damn PC ? No wait, I know what is worse and that is why this will be my last post from this PC Beelzebub.

This blip in my productivity has made me appreciate how much more user friendly Macs really are over PCs. There is a reason Apple is worth more than Intel and Microsoft combined. They just get it. They know the conveniences that today’s social media driven world requires and they continue to deliver over and over. 

Now, I am pretty close to a full mobile convert or in the least I am an evangelist for it, but even I have to admit, I need my desktop for so many things. I LOVE my iPAD and my iPHONE, but trying to access my email without Sparrow has been so frustrating since I run several email accounts that I want to keep seperate yet together. I also didn’t realize how many things I view on my desktop that cannot run on my iPhone or iPad. From certain videos, to spreadsheets, to even portions of Google Analytics and LinkedIn. Apps are wonderful little gems, but there are still a lot of kinks and missing features in the app versions of many of the products I use. In a nutshell they need some work before the world can fully replace a desktop with a mobile device. I will say however, it is getting pretty damn close and Apple’s announcement of the new features of iOS 5 at todays WWDC conference got us even closer. If Apple  doesn’t get to it first they sure set the bar real high today and that can only mean it will push others to follow suit or get out of the way!

As for me, I repent, I repent. IE 8 hell has been punishment enough for not taking as good of care of my desktop as I should have. So pretty please Apple Genius Bar, get my MackBook back to me sooner than later or I might need the equivalent of a Methadone treatment for Mac Addicts.

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