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Nordstrom Adopts iPhone Mobile Point of Sale

I just spent a glorious hour at Nordstrom all by myself. For those of you who have kids you know what that feeling can be like. No stroller, no diaper bags, no sippy cups, and no snack cups. Just you, your purse or wallet, and your internal shopper. My shopper is this little instinct inside my brain that tells me what to try on. Today it was in high gear, but there have been some days when my shopper is broken. Ms. Laura Nolan Michael you know what I am saying here. Usually it coincides when I have my two hungry or tired screaming boys with me.

On this particular day,  sans kids and dressing room full of items, the sales rep asked if I needed anything. I said “Sure, Can I try this in a different size? She said let me check, and a second later said through the door, “sorry we don’t have that size”. Wait a minute, she didn’t even leave the dressing room area. I peeked out of the door and there she was standing there holding an iPhone with a small device attached to it. She held it up and said “Isn’t it cool? It is our new Mobile Point of Sale device. I can look up anything from anywhere in the store and I can even check you out right here. We just got them yesterday!”

Now, of course I have heard about these devices, but it was my first time seeing it in action. It was Rad. Not only did it save me time when looking for another size, but when it came time to check out it took two seconds. She scanned the the items with the little attached device and was able to swipe my card right there. I even signed with my finger. (Soon to be Finger Print technology anyone?) Finally, I had the choice to have my receipt, emailed, emailed and printed, or just old fashioned printed. I of course went with email! Gotta save a tree!

Of course Nordstrom would be an early adopter of this technology. They came from the Pacific Northwest where all the cool tech people are from or choose to live!  I anticipate seeing this evolving to where my Credit Card information will be stored in my phone, ala Google Wallet, and I will just wave my phone in front of theirs. Just two mobile devices dancing together in retail bliss.  Lord, my bank account is screwed!

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  1. Ania D
    Posted June 30, 2011 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    Hi, Next time you need a break sans kidos at Nordies there is a daycare center right inside for kids at Wash Square for up to two hours of shopping. Why didn’t they think of that one sooner? I could have done a lot more damage to my wallet all these years. Oh, and yes that’s very techie of them.