Suck It Canada Post and CUPW, I want my Etsy Order.

Vintage Boots

I have been waiting on these vintage beauties from Etsy from a lovely Canadian store owner for over two weeks and I even paid extra to get them faster.  The store owner was very upfront with me that things were getting dicey with Canada Post, but I decided to take my chances.  Then this happened and these are the implications to the customer. Seriously no mail at all, they are actually taping shut mailboxes so people do not deposit anymore mail.

Image Courtesy of The Canadian Press

I really can’t believe the irresponsibility of Canada Post or CUPW. Sure I am not the biggest fan of unions or corporate mis-treatment of workers, but to me this goes way beyond union negotiations. I am actually not going to pretend that I know all of the inter-workings of what the disputes are all about, and maybe I am being a bit dramatic here, but to me mail and the internet as well is a human right. It is the people’s right to communicate and to thrive through commerce and I think the Canadian government should step in at this point.

A blanket wide lockout doesn’t just hurt me, the buyer of some lovely vintage boots, which I must say are fabulous, but it hurts your whole nation. The small business owner trying to sell and ship their Etsy items, the people waiting on socio-economic checks, the businesses wanting to send bills, the shipment of food, diapers, clothing and on and on.  Not to mention the individual people who are now out of work and the suffering their families have to endure due to lost wages.  Can you imagine being an online commerce provider and not being able to ship your goods for 22 days and having no end in site? Imagine, the damage that would do to your profits. Imagine you were selling a perishable item online and with no cost-effective means to deliver it to your customers your inventory is destroyed.  One or two days of no mail is no big deal, but 22 days is just plain torture and has long term economic consequences for small businesses. It is time for both parties to take one for the team, open the door, negotiate and get back to work. In the meantime, I will continue to dream of my damn boots and pairing them with a lovely summer dress while they currently reside at a locked down tapped up post office in Marion Bridge, Nova Scotia Canada.  At least they are somewhat on the way and better off than the other 200,254 canadian items waiting on Etsy to be sold and shipped.

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