The Days are Getting Longer and Portland is Getting Weirder…

The days are getting longer and Portland’s precociousness is coming out to play so,  Appatomy’s posts are going to get shorter. I just realized that I have to find a bit more balance in my life to enjoy these insane summer days. I have never been one to do things without being all in and I am spending a bit too much time typing away and not enough time enjoying real life. So, I am going to shorten my posts over the summer unless something amazing happens, like the fricking iPhone 4 finally comes, or I decide on a career path.

So here goes, today was fun and in typical Portland fashion, entirely unexpected. I went to go shopping on Mississippi Avenue and I ran into this Cirque Du Cycling event. It looked so curious and fun.  To top it off I enjoyed a beer and a burger all by myself and made my tummy smile. I can’t remember the last time I ate by myself. It was magical and lovely and peaceful. It also made me realize I needed more of this type of thing in my life. So enjoy my photos from today and my shorter posts, excuse me while I go spend time with myself.

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