What the F%$* Canuck’s Fans? You should have worn a Hockey Mask.

I have been tear gassed and it sucks. My eyes were on fire and I felt like vomiting.  I have lived through two riots. Yes, two. I happened to go to a university where students, or should I say mostly non-students, thought it was super rocking to riot when the university shut down our tailgate field, then again when we lost an NCAA game and then a third time when we also lost another NCAA game. There have also been several other small outburts throughout the university’s history. I was only there for two of the riots, but that was quite enough.  Both times I lived in the areas that the riots took place. Both times I choose not to participate, yet both times I was tear gassed.

During the first, I lived in the dorms near the riot and just happened upon it on my way home from being out. By the time I was there the tear gas was flying and my eyes were dripping tears everywhere. The second time I was holed up in my apartment because the riot broke out in our courtyard and the tear gas choked us as we remained trapped and barricaded in our apartment. We could not leave if we wanted to because we would have to walk right through the flipped police cars, molitov cocktail lit dumpsters and 30 foot high fires fueled by couches thrown from second story balconies. Once we would have gotten through that we would have been met with the National Guard decked out in full riot gear as if we were in a war zone fighting for our rights. They would have hit us with even more tear gas and told us to get back. So we stayed holed up all night choking on that thick smoke. I can still smell it and remember what it tasted like in my mouth.

I remember the university taking a huge stance on hunting down the students who participated. They had to rely on grainy images caught by old SLR cameras. Not an easy task, but they eventually found most of the perpetrators.

I think rioting because of sports losses has got to the most juvenile and idiotic reason to protest. What happened to real reasons to riot like Civil Rights and Human Rights?  Show some respect for yourselves, your country, you children, and the world people!  Bad Canucks, Bad Canucks! Lucky for your home country your idiocy was all captured by social media and splashed on just about every news site in the world. It is going to make it so much easier for your asses to be identified and be prosecuted. You should have covered your faces with hockey masks suckers!

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