You Too Can be a Cool Mom: My Night with Ezra Carey, The Mumlers, and Two Gallants

Friday night started out as one of those nights were you go to a happy hour with old friends, end up meeting completely new friends and getting convinced to stay and see a band play a show. You didn’t intend to go see music, yet you just found yourself there and what takes place is magical. Music shows have a way of doing that, of bringing people together and giving you some of the most unexpected best memories of a lifetime.

Friday was my epic night. While finishing up a drink with a friend at Bar Bar in the Mississippi Neighborhood in Portland, a group of guys came and asked if they could join our long picnic table. We quickly made friends with them and had some great conversation. The guy Johnny who was sitting next to me was a farmer and had a shared love for literature. They guy across the table with a farmer as well, and there was a wine maker, a construction worker, a musician, and a soon to be father. They guys were there to see The Mumlers and Two Gallants show at Mississippi Studios and as the night wore on they started to talk to me about my love for music and the bands I like and one of them convinced me it was a show worth seeing. One of the guys, Pete, even bought a ticket for me.

Once inside I met more of their friends. One girl, Noelle, would become my partner in crime for the rest of the night. As we listened to the music and chatted we became more than just acquaintances at a bar. We became friends. I learned that one of the guys, the musician, was Ezra Carey, a local Portland musician. He will soon be traveling to Nashville to follow his dream and I recommend downloading his album. He is not only a great guy, but also a fabulous musician and I just have a feeling about this one.

Ezra Carey

Ezra Carey

At the end of the show Noelle and I were finishing our drinks in the bar and the two bands that were playing, The Mumlers and the Two Gallants both from the Bay Area, came out to have a drink. They started chatting with us about the show and the music. All of them were such friendly guys. I was about to hail a cab and one of them asked me where I was headed. When I told them SE they said they were also staying at a house in the SE, right by mine, and offered a ride in that direction. On our way, one of the guys in the tour van softly played acoustic guitar as I chatted with one of the other guys about being a mom. I joked about being personally serenaded and tried unsuccessfully to give them good directions.

The Mumlers

The Mumlers


Two Gallants

The house they were staying at was one of the Mumlers mother’s house and when we got their they invited me in for a final drink and a piano jam session before I headed home. The mother was amazing. I could tell by looking around that she was so encouraging of her son and his music. The house just seemed to sing. It was hard to tell at first who’s mom she was because all the guys went straight up to her to chat. Sadly, being a mom myself, I couldn’t stay long so I finished my drink, played some chopsticks on the piano, thanked all the guys and their mom for the hospitality said goodbye to Noelle and headed home.

As I walked the few blocks to my house I realized that I probably took some risks going to a show with strangers and getting into a van with a group of musicians, but I am glad I took those risks. The guys were so great and so respectful. But the best part was getting to witness that cool ass mother in action. She gave me so much inspiration as a mom. I want to be like her, I want to be a cool mom that encourages her children to love music and opens her door late night for her son, all his band mates and a his friends to laugh, love music, and share life. My only regret was that I had to leave before the real late night jam session began. The next day I got a voice mail from Noelle that said “Hey, its Noelle, that rad girl you met last night and will now never get out of your life because you gave me your number, call me lets hang!” Noelle, I will hang anytime, you were a great fellow Band Aid!

Before that evening, I had never heard of Ezra Carey, The Mumlers or The Two Gallants, I now own their music, have made new friends, and plan to listen to them with my babes for a long time. A lot of the time people think that when they have kids, the fun has to stop, you can’t do spontaneous things or go to music shows, but you so can as long as you always make sure your babes are in good hands while you play. It helps you thrive in life, to have great experiences to share with your children, and most importantly it allows you to become that cool mom who will always opens her door for late night jam sessions.

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