Blue Grass and Brass is Playing Over at Etsy

I am starting to believe I have the best luck on Etsy ever. It is no secret that I love vintage and that I love bluegrass so when I found these little beauties they went straight to my shopping cart. Three belts and two buckles for $28 bucks? Heck Yes!

Vintage Belts and Buckles
I love Etsy’s vintage section because you can find treasures from all over and at killer prices. I have gotten a pair of Vintage Frye, yes Frye cowboy boots on Etsy for $58, and more recently a pair of Vintage Boulet Campus Boots, for $58, yep $58 again! When you live in a town like Portland where everyone seeks vintage, it can be hard to find good wears at a reasonable price. Etsy opens the door to every single grandmother’s and grandfather’s closet, basement, or estate sale in the world and there is no telling what you will find. I am often hesitant to share the news that Etsy has vintage because I am afraid it will get picked over. You would be surprised at how many people have no clue they have vintage! But, in an effort to support the small businesses out there I am letting the cat out of the bag.

Vintage Explosion!


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