Computers + Photography Make Lovely

I am totally over the moon when it comes to creative photography. Mostly because I suck at it and want so badly to be good at it. Yet, despite self doubt, and with the help of modern day apps and filters I  continue to try to take good photos. I take my inspiration from the people and objects in the world around me and whatever creative muses I am lucky to cross paths with.

Speaking of crossing paths, the internet is great for that. I stumbled upon this flickr stream in one of my late night, I can’t sleep, bouts of  surfing and I think the images are lovely. There is something about how each person’s workspace is their personal uniquely organized chaos kind of like our own DNA. Transparent Computer Screen Photography Lovely?  I say yes!

Transparent Computer Screen Photography

Photo Courtesy of w00kie

Another site that uses a similar concept  is Dear Photograph. Instead of a transparent computer screen, they use a vintage photo taken in a location, hold in front of a that same location today and take a picture. It gives the photos a magical picture in a picture feel.  I feel this technique is even more lovely because it combines my love for vintage and nostalgia with modern photography and social sharing.

Dear Photograph

Photo Courtesy of

Know of any others?  Send them my way!


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