Zombies Take Your SUVs Back to Detroit


Lately I have been seeing reports around the country of people hacking construction signs and replacing the traffic instructions with silly verbiage such as Zombies Ahead.

Then just last week Portland suffered it’s own road side hacker attack. The sign going over the Morrison Bridge read Stop, Hammertime. I dare you to say that without having a vision of MC Hammer is billowy shinny gold pants shuffling across your mind’s eye.  Naturally I was curious, so I googled to see what other signs had been hacked and how people were doing this so easily. Low and behold there are lots of places that give instructions on how to do it. Very easy instructions that doesn’t require a computer science degree to follow.  Here is one such site.  There is even a site dedicated to documenting the top funny signs.

Although I admit that get a chuckle when I see these, who doesn’t love a good hacking joke, but the wife of a civil roadway engineer and the mom sides of me think about consequences such as car accidents or pedestrian deaths that could be caused by someone distracted by one of these silly signs or missing out on the information that was intended by the sign. I would much rather see signs at a concert or a sporting event hacked where there can be no casualties or threats to my kids.  Anyone have instructions on how to hack those?  I’m going to a Timbers game soon!

Hack responsibly people.

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