Google+, Harder to get into than Studio 54 in the 70’s

Google+ is a Minus in my Book till they let me in.
Trust me I would love to be writing a post about all the cool features of Google+ and how it is going to turn Facebook on it’s head. I would love to be testing out all it’s features with my social media buddies, but despite two invites, some guys on the inside,  and some back door bouncer pay off attempts, I still can’t get in.

I can understand cutting it off and drawing the red velvet rope across the door and to keep out uninvited guests and maintain a nice manageable crowd of party-goers,  but locking out those who are holding invites?  You shouldn’t have allowed the invites in the first place. It is kind of a frustrating club going experience. It is like turning Paris Hilton away from an overcrowded Sleezy Vegas Club, no way her legion of bimbos is going to want to go to your club after that.  It doesn’t just create rabid demand, it starts mob-like behavior of those stuck on the outside which could unleash a stampede and ultimately damage your momentum if you are not careful. No one likes to have to explain why someone was trampled because the door wasn’t managed properly.  Not cool Google, especially during a week when Facebook is making big announcements and has 750 Million Users!

However, since I am no Paris Hilton (thank god),  and it is the not the first time I was not one of the cool kids at the party I guess I will just wait outside patiently like a bitter Betty until I can get in. I just hope all the cool shiny newness hasn’t worn off by then.

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