Best Friends Forever, Like the Fox and the Hound

Best Friend Forever Like the Fox and The HoundEven before this incident, I had been trying to get Jack off the iPad a bit, and it was kind of  like getting a drunk off the sauce. It is not that I don’t want him using it, it was just becoming his only friend. He would wake up the the morning, come into our room and say, “I want the iPad”. When we tried to take it away from him he would throw tantrums and tell me I was mean and hurting his feelings.  He would start yelling if Truett even came within two feet of it in fear of him taking it away. It became a battle that wasn’t worth the precious moments it bought me to spend one on one time with his little brother.  It wasn’t even worth the being able to shower before 10 am.

So as I was working to wean Jack off of it, I realized I had to give him an in-between drug, much like the methadone they hand out at clinics to heroin addicts. Enter good old fashioned television.  Remember that concept, you know that square box that sits in your living room shows you moving pictures with sound?  Well, I was sick of train shows (his favorite) and decided to introduce him to some of my old favorites, The Secret of Nihm, followed by a close second, The Fox and the Hound. The Secret of Nihm proved to be a bit scary for a three year old so we somewhat shelved that one, and moved onto the Fox and Hound. My memories of that movie were mostly of the cute voices of the Houndog, Copper and the Fox, Todd. I even memorized the lines when Todd says “What’d you do that for?,  and Copper replies “Because I’m a Houndog “Oowhoowhoowhoo”.   Jack instantly loved it.

What I didn’t remember about the film was it’s powerful message. I remember it being about two silly friends, but as a child I didn’t see the messages about resilience in the face of racism and judgment and being true to ones heart.  Jack picked up on that message right away.  I didn’t realize it until the other night when I was putting him to bed. We were lying there and talking about the busy day we had. He looked at me and said “Jack is a Big Boy, Mommy is a Goil (his pronunciation of girl)”  Then he wrapped his little spaghetti arms around my neck to give me a hug and said. “Mommy, you are my best friend forever, like the Fox and the Hound”. I realized at that moment he was equating the differences between Copper and Todd with the differences between our gender and age and that he was telling me in his three year old way that he didn’t care that we were different, I was his best friend anyway. It was a lesson I had always hoped to teach him and at first I was bummed he had learned it from a DVD, and not from real-life experiences, but I realized later on that it doesn’t really matter where he learned it, but that he had learned it at all and that he is actually practicing what he has learned.

Now, when he repeats to me that we are best friends forever it makes my heart melt and makes me proud that technology taught him that lessen, but even more proud that in real-life he has chosen me as his best friend forever instead of the iPad…at least for now.

Jack and Me

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