Get a Screaming Deal on an HP TouchPad for $99…Maybe

So for those of you not in the mobile or tech industry, the huge tech news last week was that HP decided it was going to leave the PC business and that included dropping webOS and any products that run it. They are officially bowing out of the mobile game. This means one less competitor for mobile players and one less platform app developers have to consider supporting when developing their apps. It especially speaks volumes to the grip the big players iOS and Android have on the mobile market.  What this means for you, the consumer, is that you can, if you can find it, get a deeply discounted HP TouchPad.   The lowest price I have seen for the 16 GB is $99. That is roughly $300 off the original price they were selling it for, so it is not surprising that it has been reported that most places are already out of stock.

Do I think this is a good deal?  Yes! This will probably be the only time in the near future that the consumer will have access to this type of technology at such a bargain basement price. In fact, I would be more than pissed if I was one of the people who bought if at full price just last week. Sure you will have no support moving forward, no upgrades to the OS, no new apps, but you can still use it’s basic functionality as a reader, a movie player and use the apps that do exist. Now I am an iPad girl all the way, but as you saw a few weeks back, my iPad was momentarily shattered by my toddler and seemingly watch nearly $900 go out the window like that was real tough to swallow.  Does that mean he no longer gets to play with it? No. Mobile tablets have undeniable educational value for children and as I have said before it buys me a much needed 15 minutes to shower each day.  That being said, I would feel more comfortable with my child destroying a $99 dollar device than a steeply priced $900 dollar one. (granted there are cheaper version of the iPad than the one I have)

So if you are a parent, a teacher who wants to incorporate mobile technology into your classroom or someone who just wants to know what is like to own a mobile tablet, I say jump on that price.  A $99 Tablet with no updates is better than no mobile tablet at all.  Hell, these days if you take a family of four to go see a movie you spend at least $99, so even if they watch a handful of movies on it during that family road trip, it more than pays for itself.  Also, who knows some hacker may figure out how to crack it and put Android on it. Oh the possibilities.

As I mentioned most places are sold out, but HP has announced they will have more to sell and has started a waiting list. Good luck hunting!

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