GMO Film Project- Do You Know What is in Your Seeds?

GMO Seeds

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Do you know what is in your seeds?  Hell, half the time I don’t even know what ingredients have been added into my food. Yet, I have found myself becoming more and more conscious of what not only I eat, but the food choices I am giving my children. It was easy in Jack’s first year of life because he primarily nursed, but his second year when he started eating solids I struggled.  I was a working mom and also pregnant at then and time was always an issue. The easy route would have been to take a beeline straight to the pre-packaged shelf. However, Jack hated anything pre-packaged. He wanted real food, partially I think because he went to an amazing daycare in Portland, The Children’s Garden, that served a healthier more organic and balanced menu than anything I ever served at home. We worried and were told Jack was too skinny. He was always tall and in the 95th percentile for height that year, but was barely in the 10Th percentile for weight. It didn’t matter what we fed him, he just burned it straight off his body with his high energy we threw out our notions of organic=healthy and just wanted the poor kid to put some meat on his bones.

Now, I find myself at home with Truett, who is the complete opposite. Truett also nursed, but was always huge. He was wearing the same size diapers as Jack when he was only five months old. They are two years apart. Truett also does not discriminate between real and pre-packaged food and would eat just about anything you put in front of him. He has even been known to seek out dog food and has been found by the dog bowl with a cheek-ful, much like a chipmunk coveting nuts. I don’t even want to think what ingredients are in our dog’s food! Yuck, cue baby gate.

With two busy boys it would be so much easier to go with the fast pre-prepackaged meals, meals that Truett would be happy to stuff his face with.  Especially since there are even more organic options available pre-packaged than even just two years ago. But,  if there is one thing I have learned, an organic label doesn’t always mean better. The fact that it is organic is great, but the contents can still be too fatty or too sugary, so even with organic options you have to know what is in the food before you serve it to your children. There are so many things to know, it can be overwhelming.  Words like BPA, Lead Paint, and Flame Retardant dominated the navigation of Jack’s first year. With Truett getting so sick his first few months of life, I became a bit of a germa-fobe which made things even harder. I am proud to say I now in remission for that, but occasionally I see something, something that isn’t just news hype, but something we all should take a closer look at, and last week I discovered GMO’s.

I shouldn’t say I discovered them, they have clearly been around for a long time, but reading a fellow bloggers site I saw a link to a Film project that is being made about GMO’s. I guess, I knew that those extra large cucumbers and tomatoes in the grocery store sitting next to their smaller organic counterparts had to be modified in some manner, but I just assumed more fertilizer had been spread, not the actual seed itself had been modified. Naturally, I had to investigate because I want what is best for my boys and according to Wikipedia, a Genetically Modified Organism can be anything from insects to animals to seeds that have had their DNA altered. In this case, the film I saw is specifically about GMO seeds and how much of the food we eat has modified before it even touches soil and grows.  Most alarmingly is that there are no regulations that require companies to tell us that what we are eating has been modified.

GMO Film Project Sizzler from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.

When watching the film’s sizzle real, all I could think about what that movie with Luke Wilson, Idiocracy, that for some reason my husband thinks is hilarious.  In it Luke is transported to a future that is in chaos, everyone eats prepackaged genetically modified big-box food, and the intelligence level of humans has plummeted. Plants are unable to grow because they are not watering them with water, but a chemical Gatorade-type power drink and it is up to Luke Wilson, a man of average intelligence, to turn things around. Lame movie right? Well, after reading up on GMO’s,  I could not help but thinking that this movie could actually be a glimpse into our future. Who knew Luke Wilson was such a Seer?

I am not going to claim that I am the expert on GMO seeds or even fully understand the potential harm they could bring both to humans and the environment, but I sure want to know more. I also do not claim to be anywhere near as healthy as I should, but I try a little harder each day, so I am supporting the GMO Film Project on Kickstarter.  I want to see this film get made, to broaden the discussion and so that I can be knowledgeable enough to make the best choices for my boys. If you do too, support them on Kickstarter.

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