Slo Mo is a Go

I recently got a new camera and have been experimenting with photography again. The shutter is incredibly fast, even when set to auto, and as a result I have gotten some pretty sweet action shots that I would normally have missed with my iPhone or my old point and shoot camera.

This one from the beach the other day was one of my favorites.Sand in MotionThese pics have got me thinking that we are all in such a huge hurry to be on to the next that, like my old camera, we sometimes miss the important details in life. Life shouldn’t be always about what is next, but rather what is now and sometimes taking your time to get from A to B is where you will find the minute beauties and subtleties of life that only someone with their eyes wide open and in the present can capture.

Here is a sweet little anti-Time Lapse video shot in Brooklyn to prove my point. Pretty Sweet!

8 Hours in Brooklyn from Next Level Pictures on Vimeo.

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