Space Traveling Legos

Like most kids, my boys love Legos. It is probably their only toy that will never get old to them. They get sick of their train table, cars, bikes, sandbox, art supplies and dare I say it even the iPad. Legos are different, they can play with them for hours.  Jack especially loves to build massive complexes and then make up stories about the buildings and lands he has created.  He tells me what family lives in this one and which part of his city, his daddy works in. He tells me where the cars go to be parked and where the dog lives.


Jack also loves space and rockets and astronauts and this morning he asked me to build a rocket ship out of Legos.  Whenever I need instructions on how to do something, I search the internet. I can pretty much find instructions or at least a visual that I can use as a starting point for any project his imagination brings to the table. He has a lot of crazy ideas.   When Jack was around a two years old his favorite thing to do was to ask me to make every single animal he could think of out of paper and art supplies. I am not creative so I had to Google each one to figure it out. I would often end up making elephants out of paper plates, Zebras out of the Letter Z and bees out of pipe cleaners.

As I was searching yesterday for the perfect Lego rocket ship template, I came across Unbeknown to me and probably most of you there was a rocket, carrying a deep-space probe, Juno, that was launched into space towards Jupiter on August 5th.  Attached to this probe were three Lego figures. Jupiter, Juno, and Gaileo.  These were not just your regular old colorful plastic mold injected Legos, these three figures were created out of Aluminum to withstand space combustion and cost 5k each!

Lego's Going to Jupiter

Photo Courtesy of The Lego Group

There is a whole supped up  site about these little space travelers. You can track their travels, watch the rocket launch and view a whole host of other videos. The site is a bit hard to navigate and find things on, which is ironic given it is a site about space exploration, but all in all a pretty cool site to supplement my little man’s love for his plastic mold injected toys and space.

My favorite part is that upon completion of a year of data gathering, the probe and Lego’s will crash land into Jupiter. Really? Lego figures is our big look at what we can do debut to the Jupiter Aliens? Meh. Didn’t they think about how hard it is for Alien fingers to use Legos? Couldn’t we have included this instead? I heard it gets real cold at night on Jupiter and the ET’s might actually appreciate a good warming device.

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