Opal of my Eye

The best part of my career has always been the people. I have been lucky over the years to work with some of the most highly talented people in the industry, fortunate to learn from and collaborate with them, and even better to become friends with them and watch their families grow. So it is especially rewarding to see these friends make good on their talents. The guys at Opal Labs are doing just that.

Recently they went live with their new product. Their goal is to provide a solution for companies in need of a culture shift towards a more collaborative and connected  environment amongst it’s employees. Opal allows these companies to tap their own internal talent pool and organically shift the culture by encouraging  idea and event sharing, peer to peer challenges and collaborative outbound charity efforts.  In essence it is a centralized company centric place for an individual in your organization to have any idea heard, expanded on and most importantly captured.

We have all lost valuable information or brilliant ideas because a whiteboard is prematurely erased, our inbox is too inundated, an email is accidentally deleted or a chat log is not saved. Opal aims to not only capture that collaborative information but to foster individual leadership in an organization by allowing employees to own the ideas they contribute. There are no walls between departments or hierarchy reporting lines in Opal which inherently gives employees the courage to share an idea they may not have explored in a live team meeting. With Opal, companies can tap into a level of innovation amongst their staff and even unlikely resources that they may otherwise missed out on without encouraging this level of cross company pollination. Wouldn’t it be great if your receptionist had an idea for and iPad like device and your product team produced it all because they started communicating?

Opal, unlike other types of collaboration software that is often attached to those dreaded time tracking systems, is actually quite enjoyable to use. Opal Labs recognizes that certain components of social media sharing have taken root because of their ease of use and their transparent nature and have applied this concept to their interface and features. My first time using Opal, I felt like I knew exactly where to click and what to access next and like social media, I wanted more. This will be a key to ease of adoption for social media savvy employees, but even better, it will serve as an education tool for those employees new to social media. Ultimately it will make your employees more savvy technology users and it will improve overall employee happiness and retention.

Opal Labs also understands the uniqueness of each individual company so their platform is inherently modular without the pain of a lengthy drawn out custom development process for each unique adoption. In addition Opal does not lock you into using a browser to access it. You can opt to download a great desktop app and have it running in the background at all times. These guys have really thought this platform through and are already working on their next features. They even practice what they preach and use Opal to collaborate on ideas for Opal.  I highly recommend you get on their list for a demo now and check out their Facebook Page for updates! This team is going to do many great things and this is just the beginning!

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