Thanks to Subtext this is my 100th Post!

Since I started Appatomy in March, a lot has happened in my life both personally and professionally. I found my voice and creative side, I learned that I love writing and photography, I have met amazing new friends and genuine connections in the tech community, my 3 year old was technologically potty trained and started preschool on time, and the most recent great news is that I myself have begun a new career. (I’ll save that story for post 101).  All of this positive momentum, I attribute to Appatomy. Yes, I even attribute the potty training part to Appatomy, without it, I wouldn’t have had anywhere to vent my frustrations and I may never have made it through that phase of my life. In a nutshell Appatomy has been very good to me this year.

If you were a reader in July, you would have noticed a huge upgrade that took place for Appatomy when she received her facelift and became the user experience and full blown branded site that she is today. Now that Appatomy is reaching another big milestone with my 100th post, I thought there was nary a more fitting time to pay homage to the team behind her user experience (UX) and development. That team is Subtext.

Subtext is a UX focused group of individuals who combined have a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in user focused design, strategy, and implementation across a multitude of mediums and devices. What started as a collective of great minds with a common goal of putting focus on the user and as they say on their website “outcomes not deliverables”, has now grown into a full blown company that is doing thoughtful work for some really great clients like SwellPath InteractiveMountain Hardware, and Trendline Interactive. While I was busy posting daily musings on Appatomy, they were out getting their LLC on, building on their already strong relationships in the Portland digital community, kicking butt on client implementations, defining their own brand identity and establishing themselves as digital thought leaders. In the spirit of sharing in the incredibly open and creative tech community Portland has to offer, they have also begun to reach across the aisle to build partnerships with other agencies in town. Did I mention they also hosted a stellar launch party a few weeks back? These folks are not slowing down!

Their dedication and realization of their common goal has been a pleasure to watch and I am grateful that they choose Appatomy to be one of their first client implementations. Working with them was nothing short of amazing and like their website says, I could not be more happy with the “outcome”.  They produced a beautiful experience for me and my readers and the collaborative strategy I had with them when honing in on the final Appatomy brand made me proud to work with them again. Oops, did I forget to mention I spent many years working, collaborating, problem solving, and making magic happen with the team that now comprises Subtext? OK, OK, so I am a little biased, but I genuinely mean it when I say this, they are one team that I would not hesitate to partner with again and with any luck I hope one day I get that chance to do so at my new home. (You’ll have to wait for post 101 to find out all about that!) I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the best part of my career has always been the people, the brilliant, thoughtful, funny and genuine people I have had the pleasure of working alongside. Team Subtext thank you for being those kind of people! I wish you all well and know you will do many great things in the digital space we share!  Most, importantly thank you for helping my dream for Appatomy come to life and for being such great collaborators and friends! You Rock!

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