Half Full of PDX


In the wake of this week, it is hard not to focus on the negative. The company I worked for went bankrupt suddenly on Monday and laid off everyone, my two year old is sick with Asthma and I woke up this morning with a head so plugged it felt like someone had crawled up inside it and was blowing up a balloon from the inside out.

Am I angry? Yes. Am I uncertain, unsure, worried?  Sure. Could I speculate about how/why/what/when this could have happened?  I guess. It is certainly what happy, paying, profitable clients have bombarded me with all week.   Do I want to dwell on, tear down and hurt those who hurt me? No. I can’t.  I’ve been there before, and carrying the anger torch is simply is not good for me or those around me.  The smoke from the torch clouds my lungs, blocks my vision and results in poor judgment. I want to move on, find the best home and build new and better things.

The first two days were rough. I worried people would blame all of us, think we weren’t talented and turn their backs on us. People told me I was crazy, and they were right. The exact opposite happened. In the same way we have been bombarded with questions from shocked clients we have been bombarded by an amazing groundswell of support throughout the agency and tech community in Portland. People are hosting happy hours in our honor, offering to give people soft landings, paying out of pocket to pick up unfinished work to allow us to see it through, sending condolences and recommendations on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It truly has been overwhelming. It has taken away the sting, somehow made this tough time seem like an opportunity, and made us all realize that when the physical office closed and our clients moved on,  the relationships we formed with each other,  our clients, and our colleagues in the community are what were most valuable. That is our severance and you cannot put a value on that.

Today our glasses are half full of PDX. Thank you Portland!

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