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I picked this little dusty old typewriter at Portland Flea for $40. It is not my only typewriter. When I was a little girl my dad had an old Royal typewriter. The kind where the keys stuck together if you typed too fast and the ribbon was so old and clung so loosely to the spool, it barely made ink impressions on the paper. I remember it lived in the back of our main family closet under our stairway. It might even still be there.

During the summer, I would crawl into that little cubby of a closet and play pretend office. I was the boss of course. I would tap away at the keys and pretend to be communicating to the people in “my company”.  I would try to tighten the ribbon only to end up looking like I had been finger-printed at the police station. I would break only for lunch and I remember that my dad had Friday’s off sometimes and in the summer we would get out our TV trays and eat lunch together while watching the Price is Right…and of couse he’d ask about my day at the office.

I grew up of course and the typewriter was forgotten and my main type of communication became the phone, then email, and back to the phone again. Only this time there are no lengthy phone calls or conversations,  I communicate  in short thought bursts through texts, pictures, updates and like buttons.  I realize that this is the only way my kids will know how to communicate,  so, when I saw that typewriter sitting  there lonely at Portland Flea with noone to press it’s keys, I bought it. I bought it to always remember those days with my dad, I bought it to teach my kids about paper, margins and ribbons, and how sometimes mistakes are permanent.  I bought it to remember my old self while my new self is busy learning new things.

If you haven’t checked out the amazing Portland Flea, please do so, it is a great way to support local vintage vendors and you might just find your own trinket to remind you of your favorite childhood memory.

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  1. Judy Buonocore
    Posted February 3, 2013 at 8:22 am | Permalink

    Loved this story. I remember doing homework on that old typewriter and taking typing classes at High School on that kind of old Royal typewriter.