Now that I find myself without a permanent home, I have found all kinds of daily work related habits that just won’t quit.  Like my need for my morning scone, there just not as good on the east side or downtown as they are in the Pearl, good coffee…it’s a long drive to Stumptown from my house, but the most depressing habit I just can’t seem to break  is my morning ritual of getting on Yammer, Skype, Basecamp (at least I still get to do that thanks to LittleBird+WagEd+TaterTot Design), smartsheet and email (thanks mom for sending me lots of email). What once was my communication hub for the day is a lonely and desolate place, there are no pitches to prep for, fires to put out, clients to please, strategy to figure out, scopes to write, production to coordinate, launches to launch or sales to close. I am withdrawing, hard core. The kind of withdrawal that usually needs supervision.

I find myself having time to do the things I always complained about not being able to do like work out, shop, clean my house and organize my personal clutter. I am getting those things done, but they just don’t seem all that fulfilling. There is an exception and that is having ample time in the morning and evening to smother my kids in snuggles and love! I can play fort with them without worrying I am missing emails, I can read an extra book to them at bedtime, I can take my time to watch cartoons with them in the morning and those are all amazing things, but when I drop them at school I am lost wandering around in my own brain.

My fix? Studying up on mobile statistics. Another one of my weekly if not daily habits was checking out the latest mobile statistics.  It sounds crazy to check them that often, but they change that often if not more and I needed to stay on top of those stats to be able to give my clients well informed information and recommendations.  I still find myself wanting and needing to know how many brands are adding mobile to their 2013 strategies, how many global users there are by device and by OS and who is launching what feature when. Although right now I don’t have a pitch deck to share the stats in or a client to convince to go mobile, I still need that fix. Why don’t I give up my fix? Because, I believe in mobile as the best means of personal and brand communication to the world, I love the connectedness and it is my passion, hell I went to school for telecommunications (Who does that?) and I know someday very soon those stats will come in handy and I will have the place to share my love of mobile.

World Map dots pink

Image Courtesy of www.abysse.co.jp

For now, I figured, if I am addicted, I may as well be your pusher too. If you like mobile, here are two of my favorite mobile crack dens to frequent. Enjoy your high!

Global Mobile Statistics – Great roll up of mobile statistics for 2012 from several sources. It is a long read, so settle in with some tea.

Our Mobile Planet – Google tool that allows you to run all kinds of mobile stats based on behavior and demographics. You can even download charts to use in decks!

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