I’ll Take an Ounce of Bliss Please.


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Two years! It has been two years since I’ve posted one damn thing on this blog!  A lot has changed….for starters Google Glass is so not cool anymore. HoloLens is all the overpriced-rage now and Google Cardboard is the more economical DIY dalliance into a wearable virtual reality candy land. Speaking of candy land, weed is legal in Oregon, like walk into an Apple-type store and pick one ounce of your favorite strain, like its just a flavor of gum, legal. I didn’t see that one coming so fast.

Yet, sadly, so much hasn’t changed. People are still killing each other with guns for no good reason, women haven’t achieved equal pay, racists still race bait, terrorists still terrorize and droves of people are still seeking refuge from all the displacing violence and poverty. I could go on and on but I am getting depressed.

But one really good thing has happened this year guys…this little kick in the pants decided to get born.


He is very disruptive, like the first ever smart phone disruptive. He rightfully has been taking up a decent amount of my time, so to my readers, all 2-4 of you at this point, please give me a break, I am outnumbered.  Plus, lets be honest you have probably kept yourselves plenty busy watching internet famous people Vlog their way into trouble on YouTube. People living ridiculous lives and self destructing in real time is like crack to watch…I get it, no judgement here.

So why now, why start writing again? Simple answer, someone asked me to update an old post and when I opened up the dashboard I got this rush and suddenly I wanted to take real pictures again and string words together in a non-sensical fashion. It felt like an old friend calling me home, so like those of you happily toking away on your legal blunts I am chasing my own dragon and following my bliss.




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