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My experience with the most Absurd Applications I have come across.

One Glassy Gal

This past week in NYC, I had the unexpected chance to try out Google Glass.  Google just recently started rolling out devices to a lucky few who are either influencers in the space or signed up at Google IO last year to be some of the first developers to try them out. I am not […]

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I Have No Good Ideas

How do you know an idea is good unless you share it?  Working in digital marketing, advertising and product development you see many an idea floated or sometimes even crammed down someone’s throat. Sometimes the ideas are good, other times they are terrible. Sometimes it is a bad idea that is feasible so you do […]

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Raising a Terminator

As I gazed on Jack, my four year old, at our neighborhood park I could see his intense little blue eyes darting back and forth scanning the landscape. He seemed to be in a bit of a trance.  “Jack” I said. “Jack sweety, what are you thinking about?”  “I am not thinking, I am zooming […]

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When a Politician is Born, Apparently a Woman Gets Saved.

Obama Election Night

I really try to steer away from political discussions here, but the political ad I saw today was enough to jumpstart me right out of blogger hibernation. Full disclosure, I am a lefty. If after reading that fact about me, you like me less, then I guess we weren’t meant to be.  I was raised […]

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Potty Training for the Mobile Elite

Why haven’t I been posting lately you ask?  I made a conscious effort to scale back my social media content sharing to tackle this biotch they call potty training! If someone had told me that I would one day be showing a little boy how to “hold it” so that he doesn’t spray the entire […]

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Slaughtering Barbie

Lord I just went down a crazy barbie inspired internet wormhole and it all started innocently when trolling for jewelry.   I will never be a Barbie, not even close, I mean the girl has outrageous proportions that I could not achieve with any form of working out, plastic, tanning, botox, permanent makeup, or hair bleach. […]

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Food Colored Antz


Check out these beautifully colored Antz. Some dude saw their abdomens turn white after ingesting some spilled milk so he decided to dye sugar water and watch their bellies turn magnificent colors and then photograph them. Pretty sweet huh? Also makes us wonder if what we put in our stomachs is good for us!

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Space Traveling Legos

Like most kids, my boys love Legos. It is probably their only toy that will never get old to them. They get sick of their train table, cars, bikes, sandbox, art supplies and dare I say it even the iPad. Legos are different, they can play with them for hours.  Jack especially loves to build […]

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Zombies Take Your SUVs Back to Detroit

  Lately I have been seeing reports around the country of people hacking construction signs and replacing the traffic instructions with silly verbiage such as Zombies Ahead. Then just last week Portland suffered it’s own road side hacker attack. The sign going over the Morrison Bridge read Stop, Hammertime. I dare you to say that […]

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Game on? No Spanx!

Seriously?  What’s next Spanx for Babies. Spanx for Pets? P.S. The Appsurdity Category is changing a little. No longer just absurd apps. It is reserved for all things absurd in social media commercialism interweb-land.  

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