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Get a Screaming Deal on an HP TouchPad for $99…Maybe

So for those of you not in the mobile or tech industry, the huge tech news last week was that HP decided it was going to leave the PC business and that included dropping webOS and any products that run it. They are officially bowing out of the mobile game. This means one less competitor […]

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Slo Mo is a Go

I recently got a new camera and have been experimenting with photography again. The shutter is incredibly fast, even when set to auto, and as a result I have gotten some pretty sweet action shots that I would normally have missed with my iPhone or my old point and shoot camera. This one from the […]

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Shattered Mobility

Shattered iPad Screen

Saturday morning we had big plans to go to the river to let the dog swim, go to the adult soap box derby and then go to a local street fair for some eats and photo opps. Well we made it to the River and then plans,  as they often do, changed when Jack shattered […]

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It All Started with a Nice Pair of Gams

Holy Moly yesterday hit 15o million photos and 7 million. More impressive is that they did this with just four employees and it has only been around for ten months!  I couldn’t help but feel slightly responsible for those stats. Well, for at least 379 of the 150 million photos.  I love I […]

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Excuse Me Waiter, There is an iPhone in My Soup

Iphone in My Soup

You may remember my post from quite a while back about reconnecting with an old friend.  I made a vow in that post to keep in touch with him by any means possible and also mentioned that I hoped to have a chance to to see him race the next time he was in Oregon. […]

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iPad Shushing

Before you let your toddler use your your iPad. Be forewarned he/she could turn into an addict. Jack reacts to the iPad the way Gollum (or Smeagol) acted towards the One Ring. I know I shouldn’t laugh and just take it away from him, but I had to capture his reaction. We go through this […]

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Current Status: Sad

Facebook Depression?  Yes, it is real folks. I have been joking about this for a long time with my friends and meaning to write this post for a while, then a few months back the American Pediatric Society concluded that it is a real condition. Not so funny anymore.  I also don’t think it just […]

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Raising Technology Early Adopters- Anyone need an App Tester?

Last night Truett had a hell of a time going to sleep. This is rare. The kid is the easiest baby ever, I just lay him down and he goes to sleep. Not so for his older brother Jack, but I think it is only fair that I have one good sleeper and one bad. […]

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What the F%$* Canuck’s Fans? You should have worn a Hockey Mask.

I have been tear gassed and it sucks. My eyes were on fire and I felt like vomiting.  I have lived through two riots. Yes, two. I happened to go to a university where students, or should I say mostly non-students, thought it was super rocking to riot when the university shut down our tailgate […]

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Less about Social Media More About the Love Train

Lately I have been working on the new look and feel for Appatomy and what it all means to me. It has forced to me to become really reflective about my life and who I am. This is not something I have done in a long time. I have been too busy working, raising babies […]

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