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Your App is But a Bead in an Etch A Sketch

When you were a kid did you ever break apart an Etch A Sketch to see what was inside? I did. What I found was thousands, maybe millions of silver bead-like balls and a whole lot of dust. Today when I was searching for a new iPad case I came across this case: Looking at […]

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I Have a Place Available for Trashing on Airbnb

There have been several news stories and articles about a vacation home exchange and rental startup called Airbnb. The concept is much like the vacation classified site VRBO but financial transactions are run through AirBnB making it more of a marketplace for vacation rental seekers. Seems like a pretty cool concept, no? I mean if […]

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Suck It Canada Post and CUPW, I want my Etsy Order.

I have been waiting on these vintage beauties from Etsy from a lovely Canadian store owner for over two weeks and I even paid extra to get them faster.  The store owner was very upfront with me that things were getting dicey with Canada Post, but I decided to take my chances.  Then this happened […]

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@Jack Please bring @Square mobile payments to PDX cabs.

Thursday night was First Thursday in PDX. (Portland) For those of you who do not know what that it is an event the first Thursday of every month in which art galleries, artists, creative agencies, and voyeurs of art and people take to the streets of Portland in the Pearl District and Old Town to […]

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Ad Apps Are Magically Delicious

Let me preface this post with the fact that I am a huge lover of media, advertising, and marketing. I am the kind of person who watches the Superbowl only to analyze the ads. In fact, I took a course in college that focused solely on that exact thing and yes I got credit for […]

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Social Media Enhanced Travel

Vintage Luggage

Yesterday I spent a few hours scouring the lovely vintage stores in Portland. Fortunately we have a large number of these and often they have some high quality vintage wares. I fell in love with a vintage Crater Lake belt buckle and a gorgeous set of old blue suitcases. I am not sure how old […]

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My Mood: Not So Bored

Over the years I have seen a lot of mood boards but I have never gotten the chance to make one for myself. I have always used the free templates for my blogs and never invested the time into actually flushing out a design for a site that would be for me. When my brother-in-law […]

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Put a Bird On it

For months now, just like the majority of the 50,000+ reviewers on the Apple App store, Angry Birds has been hands down my favorite game on my iPhone.  I love that they are constantly updating it with additional levels and coming out with holiday themed versions. I even love going back to play levels that […]

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