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Your App is But a Bead in an Etch A Sketch

When you were a kid did you ever break apart an Etch A Sketch to see what was inside? I did. What I found was thousands, maybe millions of silver bead-like balls and a whole lot of dust. Today when I was searching for a new iPad case I came across this case: Looking at […]

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I Have a Place Available for Trashing on Airbnb

There have been several news stories and articles about a vacation home exchange and rental startup called Airbnb. The concept is much like the vacation classified site VRBO but financial transactions are run through AirBnB making it more of a marketplace for vacation rental seekers. Seems like a pretty cool concept, no? I mean if […]

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Suck It Canada Post and CUPW, I want my Etsy Order.

I have been waiting on these vintage beauties from Etsy from a lovely Canadian store owner for over two weeks and I even paid extra to get them faster.  The store owner was very upfront with me that things were getting dicey with Canada Post, but I decided to take my chances.  Then this happened […]

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Ad Apps Are Magically Delicious

Let me preface this post with the fact that I am a huge lover of media, advertising, and marketing. I am the kind of person who watches the Superbowl only to analyze the ads. In fact, I took a course in college that focused solely on that exact thing and yes I got credit for […]

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Social Media Enhanced Travel

Vintage Luggage

Yesterday I spent a few hours scouring the lovely vintage stores in Portland. Fortunately we have a large number of these and often they have some high quality vintage wares. I fell in love with a vintage Crater Lake belt buckle and a gorgeous set of old blue suitcases. I am not sure how old […]

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My Mood: Not So Bored

Over the years I have seen a lot of mood boards but I have never gotten the chance to make one for myself. I have always used the free templates for my blogs and never invested the time into actually flushing out a design for a site that would be for me. When my brother-in-law […]

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Put a Bird On it

For months now, just like the majority of the 50,000+ reviewers on the Apple App store, Angry Birds has been hands down my favorite game on my iPhone.  I love that they are constantly updating it with additional levels and coming out with holiday themed versions. I even love going back to play levels that […]

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