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An Idea a Day: #3 Pacific Midwest Antlers

Well, you can take a girl out of Michigan and put her in the Northwest, but she will never lose her Michigan roots. This past summer I went home to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I grew up. While we were there we rented a cabin at on a lake in the  middle of nowhere. […]

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An Idea A Day: #1 Smart Hair Ties

Remember last week when I said I was going to pull the covers off my own creative doubt and share an idea a day, warts and all, for one whole week? When I set the start day for today, I didn’t realize how quickly it would creep up on me. But, I set a goal […]

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Raising a Terminator

As I gazed on Jack, my four year old, at our neighborhood park I could see his intense little blue eyes darting back and forth scanning the landscape. He seemed to be in a bit of a trance.  “Jack” I said. “Jack sweety, what are you thinking about?”  “I am not thinking, I am zooming […]

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In Good Company on the Mountainside

Mt. Hood

Yesterday was a reunion tour of sorts for me. I had coffee and lunch with old co-workers from two jobs ago, and then drinks and dinner out with some other friends from that same job.  They were some of the people that I have worked alongside and known the longest in PDX. For the most […]

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Slaughtering Barbie

Lord I just went down a crazy barbie inspired internet wormhole and it all started innocently when trolling for jewelry.   I will never be a Barbie, not even close, I mean the girl has outrageous proportions that I could not achieve with any form of working out, plastic, tanning, botox, permanent makeup, or hair bleach. […]

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Blue Grass and Brass is Playing Over at Etsy

I am starting to believe I have the best luck on Etsy ever. It is no secret that I love vintage and that I love bluegrass so when I found these little beauties they went straight to my shopping cart. Three belts and two buckles for $28 bucks? Heck Yes! I love Etsy’s vintage section […]

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