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An Idea a Day: #3 Pacific Midwest Antlers

Well, you can take a girl out of Michigan and put her in the Northwest, but she will never lose her Michigan roots. This past summer I went home to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I grew up. While we were there we rented a cabin at on a lake in the  middle of nowhere. […]

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Raising a Terminator

As I gazed on Jack, my four year old, at our neighborhood park I could see his intense little blue eyes darting back and forth scanning the landscape. He seemed to be in a bit of a trance.  “Jack” I said. “Jack sweety, what are you thinking about?”  “I am not thinking, I am zooming […]

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Pancreatic Cancer Sucks

How could one little yellow thing cause so much trouble?  Pancreatic Cancer has been top of mind lately with the recent death of Steve Jobs. Steve was a man who contributed his immeasurable brillance to technology and influenced the ways humans communicate and share their lives. He was an innovator, a genius but most heart-breaking […]

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Zombies Take Your SUVs Back to Detroit

  Lately I have been seeing reports around the country of people hacking construction signs and replacing the traffic instructions with silly verbiage such as Zombies Ahead. Then just last week Portland suffered it’s own road side hacker attack. The sign going over the Morrison Bridge read Stop, Hammertime. I dare you to say that […]

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Spotify, Take me to the Church of Pink Floyd

I was raised Catholic and when I was a little girl, my mother was crazy about making sure we never missed church on Sunday or any other deemed Holy Day for that matter. She would threaten us and say we would “have to go to mass twice next week” if we said we weren’t feeling […]

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Thanks YouTube – I Can Now See My Rad Dad in Action

My Dad, Jack, has long been my hero. Growing up I knew my dad as the best golfer in the world, at least to me. He had won something like 17 county championships and 20 course championships (don’t quote me on those numbers). But he really was amazing and his all time best is a […]

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What the F%$* Canuck’s Fans? You should have worn a Hockey Mask.

I have been tear gassed and it sucks. My eyes were on fire and I felt like vomiting.  I have lived through two riots. Yes, two. I happened to go to a university where students, or should I say mostly non-students, thought it was super rocking to riot when the university shut down our tailgate […]

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Anyone got $40 million? You can Buy my Family History.

I have been feeling really nostalgic for my Northern Michigan childhood lately. I don’t know if it is because I have been connecting with old friends, have kids now or I have been listening to Bon Iver beautifully sing Michicant lately, but something is gnawing at  my roots.  Sometimes living in Portland, Oregon and all […]

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