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Potty Training for the Mobile Elite

Why haven’t I been posting lately you ask?  I made a conscious effort to scale back my social media content sharing to tackle this biotch they call potty training! If someone had told me that I would one day be showing a little boy how to “hold it” so that he doesn’t spray the entire […]

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Mobile 9/11

The last few days there has been a plethora of 911 coverage as we reach the 10 year of anniversary of that awful day. As I watched Matt Lauer interview familiy members of the fallen and replay audio from that fateful day this morning, I dared to think of what it would be like if […]

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Current Status: Borrowing Luck

When I was a little girl my mom’s nickname for me was worry wart because I worried about everything. I chewed my nails down to the nub worrying about my grades, even though I got all A’s.  I even worried about my dog getting taken by the Sausage Man when she was outside late at […]

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Your App is But a Bead in an Etch A Sketch

When you were a kid did you ever break apart an Etch A Sketch to see what was inside? I did. What I found was thousands, maybe millions of silver bead-like balls and a whole lot of dust. Today when I was searching for a new iPad case I came across this case: Looking at […]

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I Think I Just Felt a TweetQuake

East Coast Earthquake

Today when a 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake hit the east coast, social media posts and tweets of all shapes and sizes radiated out from the epicenter as quickly as poorly hung paintings crashed to the floor up and down the east coast.  As soon as it became clear that there wasn’t mass devastation or loss of […]

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Get a Screaming Deal on an HP TouchPad for $99…Maybe

So for those of you not in the mobile or tech industry, the huge tech news last week was that HP decided it was going to leave the PC business and that included dropping webOS and any products that run it. They are officially bowing out of the mobile game. This means one less competitor […]

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Gobble Gobble Google


Google has already been top of mind lately with the Launch of Google+. (wow that punctuation looks weird) Then the big news came yesterday, when it was announced that Google purchased Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion dollars. This is significant because it puts Google smack dab in the middle of mobile technology. Sure they were […]

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Shattered Mobility

Shattered iPad Screen

Saturday morning we had big plans to go to the river to let the dog swim, go to the adult soap box derby and then go to a local street fair for some eats and photo opps. Well we made it to the River and then plans,  as they often do, changed when Jack shattered […]

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Mobile Apps, It’s Time to Be a Pushy Redhead

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you have no doubt heard me complain about my iPhone 3GS. I complain about how it overheats, drops calls and the battery life is essentially non-existent. You have heard me wish and even beg for the date to be announced when I can get my hands […]

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Excuse Me Waiter, There is an iPhone in My Soup

Iphone in My Soup

You may remember my post from quite a while back about reconnecting with an old friend.  I made a vow in that post to keep in touch with him by any means possible and also mentioned that I hoped to have a chance to to see him race the next time he was in Oregon. […]

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