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I’ll Take an Ounce of Bliss Please.

Two years! It has been two years since I’ve posted one damn thing on this blog!  A lot has changed….for starters Google Glass is so not cool anymore. HoloLens is all the overpriced-rage now and Google Cardboard is the more economical DIY dalliance into a wearable virtual reality candy land. Speaking of candy land, weed […]

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An Idea A Day: #4 Camp Lean

We are huge campers, we always have been. It is one of the reasons we decided to move from Florida to Oregon. The prevalence of poisonous snakes, centipedes, scorpions and heat, not to mention alligators made camping just a little less carefree than it should be. In Florida your odds of seeing one if not all of those […]

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An Idea a Day: #3 Pacific Midwest Antlers

Well, you can take a girl out of Michigan and put her in the Northwest, but she will never lose her Michigan roots. This past summer I went home to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I grew up. While we were there we rented a cabin at on a lake in the  middle of nowhere. […]

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Raising a Terminator

As I gazed on Jack, my four year old, at our neighborhood park I could see his intense little blue eyes darting back and forth scanning the landscape. He seemed to be in a bit of a trance.  “Jack” I said. “Jack sweety, what are you thinking about?”  “I am not thinking, I am zooming […]

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Thanks to Subtext this is my 100th Post!

Since I started Appatomy in March, a lot has happened in my life both personally and professionally. I found my voice and creative side, I learned that I love writing and photography, I have met amazing new friends and genuine connections in the tech community, my 3 year old was technologically potty trained and started preschool on […]

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Opal of my Eye

The best part of my career has always been the people. I have been lucky over the years to work with some of the most highly talented people in the industry, fortunate to learn from and collaborate with them, and even better to become friends with them and watch their families grow. So it is […]

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Current Status: Borrowing Luck

When I was a little girl my mom’s nickname for me was worry wart because I worried about everything. I chewed my nails down to the nub worrying about my grades, even though I got all A’s.  I even worried about my dog getting taken by the Sausage Man when she was outside late at […]

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Portland is a Playground

Last night I played the last Adult Kickball Game of the 2011 Summer Season. We did not win. We have had a team for a glorious six years.  To us it is not about being athletic or winning a game, although that would be nice, it is not even about the joys of drinking cheap […]

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Thank You For My Freedom

I have a couple of rules about what I am willing to write about on my site. They are pretty simple rules, but like all simple rules I tend to break them often and this post will do the same. No stories that make fun of my husband, no matter how funny they are Only […]

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Currently Digging: Tyler Stenson

Welcome to the new Currently Digging Section of the Blog. This is where I will share with you, my readers, each week anything and everything that interests me on the vast internet, on my mobile, with my ears or my peepers. This week, I am digging, Tyler Stenson, Portland Male Artist of the Year 2011.  […]

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