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I Have a Place Available for Trashing on Airbnb

There have been several news stories and articles about a vacation home exchange and rental startup called Airbnb. The concept is much like the vacation classified site VRBO but financial transactions are run through AirBnB making it more of a marketplace for vacation rental seekers. Seems like a pretty cool concept, no? I mean if […]

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Excuse Me Waiter, There is an iPhone in My Soup

Iphone in My Soup

You may remember my post from quite a while back about reconnecting with an old friend.  I made a vow in that post to keep in touch with him by any means possible and also mentioned that I hoped to have a chance to to see him race the next time he was in Oregon. […]

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Currently Digging: Tyler Stenson

Welcome to the new  Currently Digging Section of the Blog. This is where I will share with you, my readers, each week anything and everything that interests me on the vast internet, on my mobile, with my ears or my peepers. This week, I am digging, Tyler Stenson, Portland Male Artist of the Year 2011.  […]

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Who Doesn’t Like PIE? Startups, PiePDX Could be the Flavor For You!

This blog is not supposed to be just about Portland, but because I live here and I happen to love that I do, naturally I tend to talk about Portland a lot. But I promise if you read long enough, you will see this isn’t just about Portland! I have long bragged about and talked […]

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Anyone got $40 million? You can Buy my Family History.

I have been feeling really nostalgic for my Northern Michigan childhood lately. I don’t know if it is because I have been connecting with old friends, have kids now or I have been listening to Bon Iver beautifully sing Michicant lately, but something is gnawing at  my roots.  Sometimes living in Portland, Oregon and all […]

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The Days are Getting Longer and Portland is Getting Weirder…

The days are getting longer and Portland’s precociousness is coming out to play so,  Appatomy’s posts are going to get shorter. I just realized that I have to find a bit more balance in my life to enjoy these insane summer days. I have never been one to do things without being all in and […]

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The Visionary Minds I Met at WebVisions 2011

I am not going to write a recap of each speaker or even of each session I attended as I am sure there are and will be many a detailed recap. In fact a great place with a lot of recaps is Willam Hertling’s blog. There were some awesome speakers and sessions and some that did […]

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Chicks In the Sticks with iPhones

No it is not what you are thinking. Of course you let your mind go there. Every year some great girl friends and I take a weekend retreat to Hood River, Oregon. We call it “Chicks in the Sticks” and we rent a lodge and spend the weekend sharing stories and advice, cooking and eating […]

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TEDxPortland To Go

Today was an absolutely gorgeous spring day in Portland. The type that makes you want to scream from the roof tops,  I LOVE PDX!  I mean the sun was shining ALL day!   I had originally been bummed because I was not able to attend TedxPortland. Remember I have been off  busy raising my babes […]

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