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One Glassy Gal

This past week in NYC, I had the unexpected chance to try out Google Glass.  Google just recently started rolling out devices to a lucky few who are either influencers in the space or signed up at Google IO last year to be some of the first developers to try them out. I am not […]

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Raising a Terminator

As I gazed on Jack, my four year old, at our neighborhood park I could see his intense little blue eyes darting back and forth scanning the landscape. He seemed to be in a bit of a trance.  “Jack” I said. “Jack sweety, what are you thinking about?”  “I am not thinking, I am zooming […]

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Current Status: Borrowing Luck

When I was a little girl my mom’s nickname for me was worry wart because I worried about everything. I chewed my nails down to the nub worrying about my grades, even though I got all A’s.  I even worried about my dog getting taken by the Sausage Man when she was outside late at […]

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Where Cell Phones Go to Kill

Pieter Hugo Permanent Errot

Have you ever donated your old cell phone or computer to one of those places promising to recycle them? Did you feel good walking away thinking hey, I just saved a square inch in some landfill somewhere? Did you think it went to some underprivileged school in a foreign country where it was used to […]

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Slo Mo is a Go

I recently got a new camera and have been experimenting with photography again. The shutter is incredibly fast, even when set to auto, and as a result I have gotten some pretty sweet action shots that I would normally have missed with my iPhone or my old point and shoot camera. This one from the […]

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Food Colored Antz


Check out these beautifully colored Antz. Some dude saw their abdomens turn white after ingesting some spilled milk so he decided to dye sugar water and watch their bellies turn magnificent colors and then photograph them. Pretty sweet huh? Also makes us wonder if what we put in our stomachs is good for us!

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