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Where Cell Phones Go to Kill

Pieter Hugo Permanent Errot

Have you ever donated your old cell phone or computer to one of those places promising to recycle them? Did you feel good walking away thinking hey, I just saved a square inch in some landfill somewhere? Did you think it went to some underprivileged school in a foreign country where it was used to […]

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I Think I Just Felt a TweetQuake

East Coast Earthquake

Today when a 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake hit the east coast, social media posts and tweets of all shapes and sizes radiated out from the epicenter as quickly as poorly hung paintings crashed to the floor up and down the east coast.  As soon as it became clear that there wasn’t mass devastation or loss of […]

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Slaughtering Barbie

Lord I just went down a crazy barbie inspired internet wormhole and it all started innocently when trolling for jewelry.   I will never be a Barbie, not even close, I mean the girl has outrageous proportions that I could not achieve with any form of working out, plastic, tanning, botox, permanent makeup, or hair bleach. […]

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Slo Mo is a Go

I recently got a new camera and have been experimenting with photography again. The shutter is incredibly fast, even when set to auto, and as a result I have gotten some pretty sweet action shots that I would normally have missed with my iPhone or my old point and shoot camera. This one from the […]

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Thank You For My Freedom

I have a couple of rules about what I am willing to write about on my site. They are pretty simple rules, but like all simple rules I tend to break them often and this post will do the same. No stories that make fun of my husband, no matter how funny they are Only […]

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GMO Film Project- Do You Know What is in Your Seeds?

Genetically Modified Organism

Do you know what is in your seeds?  Hell, half the time I don’t even know what ingredients have been added into my food. Yet, I have found myself becoming more and more conscious of what not only I eat, but the food choices I am giving my children. It was easy in Jack’s first […]

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Zombies Take Your SUVs Back to Detroit

  Lately I have been seeing reports around the country of people hacking construction signs and replacing the traffic instructions with silly verbiage such as Zombies Ahead. Then just last week Portland suffered it’s own road side hacker attack. The sign going over the Morrison Bridge read Stop, Hammertime. I dare you to say that […]

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Excuse Me Waiter, There is an iPhone in My Soup

Iphone in My Soup

You may remember my post from quite a while back about reconnecting with an old friend.  I made a vow in that post to keep in touch with him by any means possible and also mentioned that I hoped to have a chance to to see him race the next time he was in Oregon. […]

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You Can’t Be a Police Officer, You’re a Princess, Princess Leia that Is

Police Uniforms

So I try hard not to delve too far into Mommy Blogdom, but I am a mother, so sometimes it is inevitable. My kids after all are inextricably linked to my DNA, my life and my career. However, I am also the first to admit that I am a mom first and career woman second. […]

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Sleeping Through the Fireworks

As everyone knows last night was the Fourth of July. We decided to be brave and take our boys via bike to the waterfront in Portland to watch the bombs bursting in air. Quite the production when you have an exhausted one year old and three year old, yet we loaded them up into the […]

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