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Computers + Photography Make Lovely

I am totally over the moon when it comes to creative photography. Mostly because I suck at it and want so badly to be good at it. Yet, despite self doubt, and with the help of modern day apps and filters I  continue to try to take good photos. I take my inspiration from the […]

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Insomnia and the Internet Make Strange Bedfellows

I have talked about my insomnia on this site before. Often in those insomnia bouts, I find that my mind is going a million miles a minute which leads to the discovery of great new things. Let’s be honest, even when I am not suffering from insomnia that is just how my mind works. My […]

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Google+, Harder to get into than Studio 54 in the 70’s

Trust me I would love to be writing a post about all the cool features of Google+ and how it is going to turn Facebook on it’s head. I would love to be testing out all it’s features with my social media buddies, but despite two invites, some guys on the inside,  and some back […]

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Thanks YouTube – I Can Now See My Rad Dad in Action

My Dad, Jack, has long been my hero. Growing up I knew my dad as the best golfer in the world, at least to me. He had won something like 17 county championships and 20 course championships (don’t quote me on those numbers). But he really was amazing and his all time best is a […]

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Shut Up and Knit- Be Sociable but Spread no Rumors

This weekend I did some much needed thrift-ing at my lovely neighborhood Thrift Store,  Village Merchants. My favorite find was an early 1900’s trunk. what I loved most about it was the simplicity and the price. So I scooped it up. When I  opened it, I realized that their were also some old newspapers lining […]

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You Have Got to be Shitting Me!

Ok, so I couldn’t resist the obvious post title, but seriously, hiding in a Honey Bucket for a peep?  Why not go to a strip club?  Or pay a Hooker?  Gross, I hope he catches giardia, e-coli, or gets methane gas poisoning from his little adventure into the depths human waste. On second thought  maybe […]

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Current Status: Sad

Facebook Depression?  Yes, it is real folks. I have been joking about this for a long time with my friends and meaning to write this post for a while, then a few months back the American Pediatric Society concluded that it is a real condition. Not so funny anymore.  I also don’t think it just […]

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The Travellers

This week I had one of those hard life lessons in humility. You know the ones where you realize you could have and should have been a better person. I won’t go into details here as these types of life lessons tend to be deeply personal and often embarrassing, but it has forced me to […]

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