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Quantified From Birth

Quantified Self

There has been a lot of buzz in the mobile industry about quantifying oneself. There is copious amounts of data you can collect about where you have been, how you felt when you were there, what things you saw, what route you took to get there, how fast you got there and who you were […]

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Hold the Bacon and Add a Side of Pickled Data


This morning I read an interesting article on NPR. The gist of the article explained how a restaurant was catching on to the value of tracking customer complaints globally so that they could start to analyze the data to determine if they are isolated incidents or if these are true trends amongst their patrons requiring […]

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Rapture over Rapture

Rapture, as predicted by Harold Camping, was set to occur Saturday May 21st, 2011. It was to start at 6pm with an enormous earthquake which would then set off a rolling series of devastating earthquakes across the globe each one occurring at 6pm in it’s respective timezone.  Believers would be beamed to heaven, non believers […]

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I am Taking that Intellivision Off the Hook!

Flipping through an old children’s book at story time we came across a picture of a phone.  To me it was a very familiar object, to him it could have been can opener.  He looked at it curiously and asked “what’s that?” I told him it was a phone to which he promptly replied “No, […]

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