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An Idea a Day: #5 Good Bones

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Ok, so I slacked off on Friday and didn’t post my idea. It was for good reason. I had some decision making to do that was occupying all my mind power.  More on that next week, but for now here is the last post in my Idea a Day series. It has been a fun […]

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An Idea A Day: #4 Camp Lean

We are huge campers, we always have been. It is one of the reasons we decided to move from Florida to Oregon. The prevalence of poisonous snakes, centipedes, scorpions and heat, not to mention alligators made camping just a little less carefree than it should be. In Florida your odds of seeing one if not all of those […]

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An Idea a Day: #2 Me Go Topo

Me Go Topo Ok, what was I thinking when I challenged my self to have ideas? Coming up with an idea is hard enough when you have a specific problem to solve, a target audience has been identified and you have metrics and KPI goals to meet, but an idea out of thin air? Way […]

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Tool-tips for Toolmakers

I have spent years talking to and training people about how to use tools, listening to pain points, and working with amazing UX, design and software engineers, to try to fix those tools or build new ones. The biggest thing that I have learned is that no matter how many great features a tool has, […]

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Want Some Candy for that Digital Privacy?

It is Halloween time and with that comes the resurgence of freaky serial killer folklore, scary movies, ironic costumes, teeth-rotting candy and the new soon-to-be, if not already, viral Facebook App Take This Lollipop designed to give you the chills about what it would be like to be hacked and cyber-stalked by a lunatic. It demonstrates […]

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Opal of my Eye

The best part of my career has always been the people. I have been lucky over the years to work with some of the most highly talented people in the industry, fortunate to learn from and collaborate with them, and even better to become friends with them and watch their families grow. So it is […]

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Space Traveling Legos

Like most kids, my boys love Legos. It is probably their only toy that will never get old to them. They get sick of their train table, cars, bikes, sandbox, art supplies and dare I say it even the iPad. Legos are different, they can play with them for hours.  Jack especially loves to build […]

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I Have a Place Available for Trashing on Airbnb

There have been several news stories and articles about a vacation home exchange and rental startup called Airbnb. The concept is much like the vacation classified site VRBO but financial transactions are run through AirBnB making it more of a marketplace for vacation rental seekers. Seems like a pretty cool concept, no? I mean if […]

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Spotify, Take me to the Church of Pink Floyd

I was raised Catholic and when I was a little girl, my mother was crazy about making sure we never missed church on Sunday or any other deemed Holy Day for that matter. She would threaten us and say we would “have to go to mass twice next week” if we said we weren’t feeling […]

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